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Board of Directors

Laura Weaver


Karen Case

VP, High School

Kristen McDavid

VP, 5th-8th

Open Position

VP, K-4th

Jen Marlowe


Chad Jowers


Gina Longoira

Fundraising, HS

Shawn Stern

Fundraising, Youth

Volunteer Committees

Our club is organized into committees by activity or responsibility and run by player parent and guardian volunteers. Without them, our lacrosse team and club would not survive. We thank everyone for their gift of time and commitment to continued Anderson Boys Lacrosse success! 

Anderson High School, and AISD do not fund the ABL Teams in any way. Our Club is a non-profit organization that offers lacrosse as a team sport by it's volunteers and sponsors. For this reason, we ask each family to volunteer some of their time throughout the year and playing season.  We also ask our local community leaders and businesses for their generosity in the form of financial donations.  We are able to travel as a team to compete on a wider level as well as provide scholarships to players who could not otherwise afford the participation fees. Thank you in advance for the gift of your time and the generosity of your financial contribution!

Ooen Position

Social Media

Open Position


Amanda Wilzbacher

Apparel and Spirit Store

Fundraising Committee:

Nothing happens without this group! The fund developers on this committee work to develop and support fundraising programs and make actual sales calls to generate donations from the local community for our lacrosse club. This committee also organizes the player fundraising activities directly in the local area. 

Tournaments & Travel Committee:

This committee helps plan, coordinate, and oversee activities associated with the tournaments and travel of the team throughout the fall and spring seasons. The number of tournaments and destinations for travel, are all approved by the board and coaches before any coordination is required.  


Field Administration:

Behind the scenes work is important to everything running smoothly. The field administration team of volunteers is responsible for  setting up of tables during home games for the officials and score/clock keepers as well as training and scheduling of all timers and score keeper volunteers.  Finally, maintaining the official score book and keeping it up to date is part of the job. 


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Anderson Boys Lacrosse Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors supports and promotes the Anderson High School Men's Lacrosse Team and Boys Trojans Youth program. This is a club sport, and as such, our club is totally responsible for funding activities. We rely on fundraisers, parent volunteers, player dues, our dedicated coaches and gracious sponsors to cover our costs. Unlike other UIL teams, we don't receive any financial support from AISD for our program.