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7v7 Summer League - Hosted by ABL

  • This is our 4th summer hosting this league at Anderson HS - it keeps growing every year!

  • There will be Juniors (rising 5th/6th), Seniors (rising 7th/8th), JV, and Varsity Divisions.

  • Our goal is to have a Trojans team in every division of this league. Let's represent Trojans Lacrosse with large numbers!

You will get 6 games (~1 per week) to be played on Monday OR Wednesday nights at Anderson HS in June and July between 7-9PM.


Click the USA Lacrosse Logo for more camps around the country!


Coach Mo's Elite Fitness is located right in NW Hills near Murchison Middle School.  Anderson High School Lacrosse has partnered with Coach Mo and his team for Fall workout!  Check out the Fall registration for more details!


Lacrosse Options Outside of ABL

Club lacrosse is in addition to, but separate from, the "recreational" (or "rec") lacrosse season.  ABL is a rec lacrosse organization.  Rec lacrosse is typically more introductory and developmental in nature, and the goal is to foster an initial love of the game so that kids want to come back and play in the future.  Club lacrosse is designed to be more competitive.  Some important things to note regarding club lacrosse:

1.  Rec lacrosse’s main season is in the spring, which is also the HS and college lacrosse season.  Club lacrosse is played in the fall/winter and in the summer, with summer being the main season.

2.  It varies from club to club, but club lacrosse can start as early as 3rd grade and run all the way through HS. 

3.  Almost all club lacrosse teams have tryouts.  On the more competitive clubs, not everyone makes the team.  In rec lacrosse, everyone makes the team.  The possibility of "getting cut" can be scary for some kids, so please consider this possibility when evaluating a club for your son.

4.  Like basketball, club lacrosse is where college recruiting happens.  If your son is approaching HS age and thinks he might want to play in college, you should be thinking about club lacrosse. 

5.  Club lacrosse typically involves higher costs and travel, especially in the middle school and high school years.  Middle school aged kids typically only travel inside of Texas (mainly Dallas and Houston), but some Austin-based clubs have gone as far as California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Maryland to play in tournaments.  Tournament travel expenses are over-and-above the price to be on a club team, so you should be prepared for this if you are considering club lacrosse for your son.

6.  Finally, playing club (or not) has no bearing on your son's playing time or position or anything else with ABL.  Obviously more time spent playing lacrosse is likely to lead to your son having better lacrosse skills.  But that is where the benefits will end as it relates to Trojan Lacrosse.  Specifically, if your son plays club, he (and you) should NOT expect any special treatment when it comes to Trojan Lacrosse.  We are going to continue to grow year-round lacrosse options within ABL (like our summer program in June), so there will be "non club" options to play beyond the spring in the future.

Below are some club programs in the Austin area:

Chris Delfausse

Co Director of Iron Horse Lacrosse Austin

Pat Brennan


Zach Burke


Cory Childs

UNRL Lacrosse President


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Anderson Boys Lacrosse Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors supports and promotes the Anderson High School Men's Lacrosse Team and Boys Trojans Youth program. This is a club sport, and as such, our club is totally responsible for funding activities. We rely on fundraisers, parent volunteers, player dues, our dedicated coaches and gracious sponsors to cover our costs. Unlike other UIL teams, we don't receive any financial support from AISD for our program.